2012: 2BLearning founded by Marja Bakker and Johan de Bruin

Ambitious and enthusiastic senior educationalists

Marja Bakker

Academic Educational expert

Ever since her first job at the Open University in the 80's Marja is involved in distance learning assisted by new media. Not only has she 1st grade knowledge and great experience with online learning and blended learning, but also as a course development project leader. Marja worked as an educational scientist for TRIAM, the Child Protection Board and the Ministry of Defense until her active engagement with 2Blearning.

Johan de Bruin

Academic Education Technologist

During his master study Johan has chosen to specialise in education technology. Combining education science with technology is a highly specialised area and has proven its significant value for 2Blearning inclouding custom design of educational trajectories and in-house development of innovative blended learning options for a variety of professional organisations. Johan previously worked Marja at the Dutch Defense Acadamy.

Our network

2Blearning has a wide network. As a result, we can deploy the required specialists without any problems and with minimum lead time; media specialists, designers, copywriters or illustrators.