Blended coaching for professionals

More effective and improved assurance

Together with experienced coaches, we develop blended practising sessions for professionals. The blended approach ensures better results and assurance of taught materials.
The Environment Analysis course, the Discussion Circle for Social Neighborhood Teams training, and the Youth Protection Training learning platform with diverse course offerings are examples of this. 

In our vision, the main ingredients for courses for professionals are:

  • Activating and task-oriented
  • Interactive (video) methods and exercises
  • Good examples and educational instructions
  • Connection to (working) practice and everyday life>
  • Individual support with good feedback

A number of quotes from evaluations of the courses

‘This practise module quickly provides tools for professional practice, very useful to participate in yourself’

‘Applicable in practice; focuses on conversation techniques and is therefore much more than just theory'

'Very useful in the reality of a civil servant in his/her role of facilitating and directing. Great variation between theory and exercises'

'Great insight and concrete tools'

''You can immediately start working. A great mix of knowledge, case studies and exercises'