Vision towards (blended) learning

A good blended concept for flexible education with results

For the design of learning trajectories we use our design model for blended learning and the educational design principles of Merrill. This ensures a robust design and effective and attractive learning.

The required ingredients in a didactic concept are in our vision

  • Interactive (video) methods and exercises
  • The best examples and instructions to learn from
  • Connection with (work) practice and daily life
  • Individual guidance with good feedback
  • Testing and learning to monitor
  • Peer feedback
  • Choices (content, pace and/or learning route)
  • Teamwork

We use technology to properly shape these ingredients.

The interpretation of a didactic concept depends on many factors such as learning outcomes, content and context.

Part-time education
For example, which didactic concept fits part-time education?

Target group and context determine the approach. Part-time students are mostly working professionals who need flexible education and a connection with their profession. This means that the following ingredients are emphasized in the approach:

  • Flexible testing:
    Disconnection from education and testing (learning path independent). The professional can take the test or prove that he/she meets requirements, regardless of the corresponding education.
  • Connection with (work) practice and daily life:
    learn in the context of your own workplace. Application or internship assignments are carried out at the workplace and supported online.
  • Individual guidance with good feedback: tailor-made guidance and feedback. Students can provide part of the feedback themselves (peer feedback and peer review).
  • Options (pace, content and / or learning route): stand-alone units/modules that are offered non-sequentially. Learning material that is accessible, well structured and available online 24/7.
  • Working together, for example in fixed small classes:
    online and face-to-face, for experiencing social connection. A 'buddy' system is also suitable.